“Having worked with Karl Rhodes for many years, I knew he was an excellent researcher and writer. What I didn’t expect was how expertly he wove together the history of the Civil War in Rockingham County with the personal triumphs and tragedies of Peggy and her family and friends. What could have been a dry account of battles and historical facts turned into a fascinating story of a family and its struggle to survive as Unionists in the midst of Confederate Virginia.”

—Linda Evans

“As a veteran journalist, Karl Rhodes is adept at research and reporting, yet he challenged himself to use literary devices to weave the history into an appealing narrative. Rhodes did not outreach his talents. The descriptions and dialogue exhibit a gift for storytelling.”

—Penny Imeson

“Readers of all kinds, from the family room to the archivist’s cubicle, will appreciate Rhodes’ book, which—if there is justice in the world—will take its place among the classics of Rockingham County.”

—Evan Knappenberger

Peggy's War felt like some of the best-written historical fiction I have ever read, with the bonus that so much of it is factual! I am so thankful for the amazing endnotes and even found myself spending time reading them when I was finished with the story. I have been heartily recommending the book to friends and family.”

—Celia Good

“I found a new book today at the Edinburg Mill. It is a ‘historical novel,’ so at first, I turned my nose up. However, in reading the many pages of references, I became fascinated. Karl Rhodes has done extensive research on the Dale Enterprise area.”

—Bob Weaver


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